New Book of Philosophical Maxims


I’ve recently published a book entitled, Cynical Maxims and Marginalia. The first few chapters are available for your perusal at:

and the book may also be purchased through at:
and also It’s a collection of maxims, aphorisms, and other philosophical one-liners intended to provoke, incite, entertain, irritate, and generally rouse the reader from his or her intellectual slumbers. It’s a kick and well worth a look. Please check it out for yourself. Thanks for your time.



  1. Hi,Thanks lot for your Linkedin message (which I didn’t opes as I wasn’t sure at the time it was not a phishing attempt)… You were right when you thought the subject was of great interest to me… So I’ll take a look at the excerpts and if I find them worthwhile I’ll buy your book.

  2. Thanks. I hope it’s both interesting and entertaining. If you enjoy it, tell your friends. If you hate it…tell your enemies.

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