Stoic Counsel

A sample meditation:

Do not be overawed by wealth, power, influence, fame, or the like. None of these is indicative of good character or nobility. Revere wisdom wherever, and in whomever, you may find it. Respect excellence in any person, in any act, in any element of the natural world in which it may appear. Diogenes was homeless and impoverished. Jesus disdained wealth and worldly power. The Buddha went to and fro with an alms bowl. Socrates had contempt for the marketplace and its trinkets. Mohammed was unlettered. Gandhi wore homespun, simple clothing. Epictetus was a cripple. Who are the wealthy and powerful by comparison with these? Of course, Marcus Aurelius was an emperor. Seneca was a man of riches and political influence. Confucius was a government factotum. Outward appearances are not to be dismissed out of hand, but neither are they to be taken as irrefutable evidence of character. Watch closely. Listen carefully. Do not be fooled by mere appearances.

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