New Book

A publication date! January 31, 2020. Mark your calendars: 😉

#Stoicism #Philosophy #Religion


“There is little that anyone can do about the vicissitudes of the external world and the unraveling of events therein, but there is a great deal that a rational agent can do to manage the objects and direction of desire and aversion. Since they are not dispensed in tablet or capsule form, Stoic anxiolytics remain available without prescription and exhibit an extraordinarily benign side effect profile. They rarely cause weight gain, sexual dysfunction, or uncontrollable movements of the limbs. Physiological dependence is relatively uncommon – and not especially pernicious. Instead, Stoicism offers rationally grounded, proven psychological techniques for the gradual development of consistent self-mastery and emotional detachment from those elements of the human condition that tend to cause the most pervasive and unsettling forms of fear, anxiety, and avoidable disquiet.”

Life Worth Living, A

Meditations on God, Death and Stoicism

William Ferraiolo

January 31 2020

Paperback 978-1-78904-304-4

Thank you for your consideration. 🙏

Bill Ferraiolo

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